The Flight Pillar

Our Flight classes are what you need to fulfil your dreams of flipping & flowing like a gymnast or a ninja. Wanting to turn your dive roll into a front tuck? Turn your cartwheel into an aerial, or your handstand into a handspring? These classes are for you!

Tuesdays (Intermediate)
Fridays (All Levels)

Adult Gymnastics Course

Build a routine on all the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics equipment. Learn to flow on the Floor, the Uneven Bars & the Balance Beam.

Level: Beginners - Intermediate

Circus Acro

Fun partner acrobatics lying down, sitting down & standing up. Think cheerleading, acro yoga, human pyramids, and more!

Level: *Not for first-timers*

Handstand ML

Comfortable kicking into the handstand but can’t yet hold? Bored with your regular practice and need something different? This Mixed Level Handstands class is great for that!

Level: Intermediate

Tumbling 1.5

Must have taken our HERO Flight classes first, or have existing dive rolls & cartwheels.

Level: Beginners

Beginner Acrobatics

Soft Acrobatics connects skills with flow & grace. It is also an excellent way to ease yourself into the scarier backwards skills in our Tumbling classes!

Level: Beginners - Intermediate

Handstand 1

Perfect for those who still need a little more time understanding how to use their shoulders and find their balance line in handstands. Fine tune technique, entries & exits.

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Handstand 2

*Minimum 10s free handstand hold required* You will be working on different shapes in your handstands & playing with handstanding on various surfaces. Presses also introduced.