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L1: HERO Strength

Recommended for: 



Light (L) - Technique focused. Improve your strength, timing and coordination.

Medium (M) - Dynamic technique. Learn to maintain body tension with weights & momentum.

Heavy (H) - Improve explosive power & endurance with a good old fashioned sweaty workout that will have you power tumbling in no time!

Great for people who need more power & endurace for our: 

Hero Flight / Tumbling / Acrobatics / Adult Gymnastics / Calisthenics classes

Copy of Acro+Hero Core.jpg

A strength & conditioning program that provides the basic building blocks of coordination, strength and endurance to help with all our gymnastics, tumbling and acrobatics, classes.

This class covers all the important strength & conditioning that we need in order to jump higher, flip faster and stay injury free in our flight classes.

If you are struggling in your flips, you need this class!

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