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"Your body knows what it needs, listen to it and respect it"

Vee is not simply just a trendsetter, she has repeatedly educated and revamped how fitness is perceived in Asia. Growing up in London, Vee pursued a degree in contemporary media practice; this would serve a catalyst for her love of productions, and has led her to working with some of the largest names in the industry putting together avant-garde productions. Her work has taken her from hosting circus festivals and competitions from Montreal to Taiwan, Sydney to Hong Kong and founding Asia’s first modern circus troupe in her homeland of Malaysia.

As an athlete and constant student, Vee is always searching for her next challenge and keeping her mind open for new information. She continues to travel the world to further her training in mobility, acrobatics, movement, flow arts and all around ninja skills. She recently completed several continuing educational courses with the renowned Postural Restoration Institute, a key educational authority in physical therapy and also performs an Adagio act professionally with Teddy.

Training Philosophy:

Be curious and ask questions to understand, be humble and admit when you don’t know the answer, be adventurous and open to new forms of training, be wise and never stop learning.

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