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"I approach my classes with a basic premise: anyone can learn a skill. This belief stems from my own experiences as an athlete and a scientist."

Lucille teaches gymnastics, strengthening and basic mobility classes at Trybe for all ages.

Her athletic journey has exposed her to different cultures of sport (Chinese, German, American and Russian). Her first gymnastics class was at a chinese state run gym in Beijing in the 1980s. These recreational early movement classes sparked a lifelong interest in sports. The sports changed as she grew (basketball in high school), as she took her academics and early career seriously (running 5ks to eventually long distance and trail running) to rebuilding her body after having a baby (powerlifting) and when she finally gained career independence (back to gymnastics).

What she takes with her from these experiences are the technical foundations of movement that are not dependent on the cultures that they were taught in. Her classes break down and reframe these principles with drills, challenges and games to help you figure out how to make sense of the technique for your body.

She left a more traditional career path because the community around the technical sports she loves has finally begun to change. She is inspired by new methodologies in teaching and practicing that are rooted in the movements themselves (as opposed to conditional on the physical attributes of the practitioner). These methodologies continue to develop with dialogue and so she has found her home as a practitioner and teacher here at Trybe.

Her more traditional career revolved around healthcare in various forms in Asia (mostly China). She graduated from the University of Chicago with undergraduate degrees in biology and philosophy as well as Chinese University of Hong Kong with a master’s degree in Biostatistics and Epidemiology.

She was born in Hong Kong and graduated here from German Swiss International School.

She spends her free time with her family or on the balance beam.

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