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L2: Handstands

Class Pre-Requisites:

  • 10s free handstand

  • comfortable bailing

  • can practice without a spot and wall


  • prior experience in our L1: Handstand classes

You will be working on different shapes in your handstands & playing with handstanding on various surfaces. Presses also introduced.

Got your free handstand and don’t know what to do next? This intermediate level class is for those who are already familiar with the basics of a straight handstand, can cartwheel out and are able to practice on their own without a spot and wall. We will introduce different jumps and shapes as well as more complex elements such as one arm variations, presses, and pushups. Various surfaces such as blocks and chairs may be used as well.

Instructor approval required. Students must have taken at least one L1 Handstand class before they can join L2 Handstand.

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