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Trybe Kids Acrobatics is a creative, multi-disciplinary physical program, aimed at empowering our students to take charge of their bodies!  Students learn by doing and mastering different challenges that help them develop agility, strength, coordination, and confidence.


This class is best for an energetic child who wants to explore everything from climbing to flips, rail balancing and juggling, swinging and cartwheeling..and more!


For older students, the class introduces various elements of circus acrobatics, gymnastics, capoeira, dance, parkour, and obstacle course racing (depending on the individual instructor’s specialities.) This structure gives students a lot of fun and exercise while placing a high demand on their creative problem-solving abilities. We get students to think out of the box and have lots of fun! Intermediate students will learn a range of creative body-weight exercises as well to give them a solid foundation in movement and fitness.


Due to the inclusive nature of the classes, students without gymnastics experience are highly encouraged to try them out!

Acrobatics All Levels

Learn how to roll and flip

Class Levels

  • Acrobatics for 6 - 8 year olds

  • Acrobatics for 9 - 12 year olds

  • Teens Parkour & Acrobatics (12.5 - 15 years old)

Class in action



1. What to Prepare for Your Child’s First Time at Trybe?

2. What is the difference between all your programs for my child?

3. What if my child prefers to take private lessons?

4. How can I get a refund for a class that my child could not attend?

5. What if my child is late to class?

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