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Toss to hands Workshop

Workshop Description


Hong Kong’s first workshop merging Partner Acrobatics and Cheer Stunts!


Partner Acrobatics and Cheerleading are both disciplines that require no equipment other than another body or two. Both disciplines involve bases that toss flyers into the air to do magnificent tricks (in cheer, these tricks are called stunts). Both disciplines are also similar in that they require spotters to keep both flyers and bases safe; spotting is an integral part to everyone’s success. This workshop will work across the similarities between Cheer and Acro, teaching you to adapt to different techniques and learning new skills. This is a great way to develop as a stronger flyer or base while having a lot of fun!


Experience different approaches to mounting and dismounting skills, learn to support each other in tosses, receptions and lifts. Explore the different ways Partner Acrobatics and Cheer support and brace each other in their respective lifts.


This workshop will focus around the skill of “Toss to Hands” through gradual progressions. Safety is key when learning this move, so you will be taught falling and spotting techniques that cheerleading teams use to keep each other safe both in performances and training. Learn to trust, connect, and communicate with other students as you create amazing shapes!

This workshop will start with basic body awareness, grips + technique, and weight transfer drills that are required for the stunts. Gradual progressions will be applied once students have a clear understanding of these key elements.

Feel free to contact us at should you have any specific questions regarding the workshop. 


Schedule + Prerequisites


Duration: 1.5 hours 


Workshop Dates:

  • Sunday, January 23 2022 

  • 2:30 - 4PM

Prerequisites: Students should have some experience doing acrobatics

Pricing + Terms

Entire workshop $850HKD per person

No refunds are available 

Please refer to Trybe FAQ for all other general information and class policies.


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Schedule + Prerequisites
Pricing + Terms
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