Drop In Credits

A great way to try one of our classes anytime you want!  Every class has a credit value assigned to it.

1 Credit = HK$50

45 minute classes and 60 minute Active Recovery classes HK$150 / 3 Credits

60 minute Movement, Cirque, Gymnastic, Strength classes HK$250 / 5 Credits

You can see the value of the class in schedule following the ‘Class Name (Credit Value/Drop In Value)’ - Example: Tumbling 1 (5 Credits/$250)

Our Credit Packages make it easier for our regulars!

50 Credits (5% OFF) : $2,375.00

125 Credits (10% OFF) : $5,625.00

250 Credits (20% OFF) : $10,000.00



Try our 1 Day Newbie Pass : $150 for a full day of Unlimited Classes
+ PLUS Bring a Newbie buddy* for FREE on the same day!!

Best value for money if you have never taken a class at Trybe!

*Newbie buddy will also need to register to enjoy the free class!
** Adult classes only!