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Trybe delivers a variety of fun and physically challenging movement classes for kids! 

Our coaches instill discipline and confidence, teaching students to not give up whenever faced with a new obstacle or new skill. Kids learn and grow best when they are interested and engaged so we make sure every experience is fun and full of laughter.

Trybe teens classes

Level: 12+ yo

Teens Acrobatics

Let your child learn to flip, invert, and have fun in our Teens Acrobatics class!

Level: 12+ yo

Teens Parkour

Unleash your child’s creative and athletic potential in Teens Parkour!

Level: 12+ yo

Circus & Dance

A multi-apparatus class with a mix of gymnastics and acrobatic elements

Level: 12+ yo

Teens Tumbling

For intermediate students who are familiar with the foundations of tumbling

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