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l1: signature HERO series

We know it is intimidating to learn these flippy skills as an adult. We designed our HERO classes for absolute adult beginners who want to start, or re-start, their gymnastics journey! These classes were designed to be taken together to boost your confidence, and see best progress and results.

We recommend that you take these classes together to help:

  • Build a strong & agile fitness foundation

  • Develop body awareness

  • Make fun skills less intimidating

Read about each HERO class below!


HERO Strength

A Trybe twist on the traditional strength & conditioning exercises. We take familiar fitness exercises, and make them gymnastics specific. 

Build strength, mobility and balance with different gymnastics apparatus. This strength and conditioning class is designed to supplement the gymnastics skills in all our classes!

Improve your coordination, power, endurance & confidence for better results in our gymnastics, tumbling and acrobatics classes!


hero flight

  • Learn to fall, flip, jump & roll

  • Build coordination & familiarity with momentum

  • Get comfortable throwing yourself at big fat mats


Created for beginners and open to all levels. Run, jump & hurdle your way into flips. You will also be taught how to fall and bail safely to save yourself from injuries. Incorporating vaults, rolls, swings & flips from the gymnastics, parkour & circus worlds, you’ll soon be flipping fearlessly!


hero flex

Can't lift your arms over your head? Can't kick with your legs straight? No flexy, No flippy!


You could have all the technique, strength & conditioning in the world, but without flexibility or mobility, your dream skills will still be impossible to achieve.


This class is open for all-levels. Learn to:

  • Increase your strength in a larger range of motion through active stretching, prehab & rehab drills

  • Build smoother movements & prevent injury to achieve your dream skills!

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HERO extravaganza

The HERO EXTRAVAGANZA is a 2 hour taster extravaganza of our signature beginner classes: HERO Flight, Flex and Strength. We hold one of these extravaganza's every 3 months or so. If you would like to be notified for the next event, please sign up for our newsletter!

We warm you up with some plyos and bodyweight strength movements in our HERO Strength style. We will also prepare your body for flops with some mobility that targets your upper body, spine and legs in our HERO Flex style.

After you are fully warmed up and prepared, you will learn rolls, cartwheels, swings and jumps that will make you feel like a kid again in our HERO Flight style!

We’re all about unleashing your inner child 🤸🏻‍♀️


​A beginner level, no experience necessary, welcoming class for mums to slay and their babies to play!


You can expect:

  • each class will have a warm up to stretch & mobilise tired and tight muscles in the neck, shoulders, back and hips.

  • every workout cycle will focus on regaining pelvic floor strength so you are stronger than when you were pre-baby!


We cycle through upper and lower body muscle groups using tried, tested and proven conditioning drills from our flight, calisthenics and gymnastics programs.


Each class is self paced according to the needs of you and your baby. You can workout with them on you or let them explore our freeplay areas. It is a safe and judgement free zone!


Your coach will be Coach Vee - a certified Functional Range Systems specialist, Postural Restoration therapist, Pronatal educated group fitness instructor as well as a loving mum of 2 - please be assured that you will be in safe, caring and highly experienced hands.


Our summer cycle will run through June to August, and yes we accept enrolments every week in order to be inclusive to those who need our support. Get to know Vee and our Hero Mama program by signing up for a no obligation trial!

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