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L2: Backbends & Walkovers

Recommended for: 



  • 30s wall handstand

  • Prior attendance in our HERO Flex classes

Great for: 

  • Getting stronger backbends, splits and handstands

  • Tools to build your walkover

  • Anyone working on their front and back handspring walkouts 

Perfectly complements our: 

HERO / FLIGHT / STRONG Pillar classes and Adult Gymnastics Classes

Copy of Acro+Hero Core.jpg

Deep dive into walkovers with coach Lucille for 90mins in this intensive turned drop in class. Learn the tools to start your walkover journey, or simply get stronger in your backbends, splits and handstands.

This class has drills & progressions to help you at multiple levels.

Unsure if you should sign up? Whatsapp us with your questions!

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