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L3: Adult Gymnastics

Class Pre-Requisites:

  • 5 pull-ups

  • Able to do a handstand

  • Straight arm skin the cat

  • 15s german hang

  • 10s ring support

  • Reverse plank support

L3: Adult Gymnastics is a technique based training course for traditionally MAG (Men's Artistic Gymnastics) apparatuses, Parallel Bars, Rings, and Pommel (mushroom).

Here are a few of the momentum-based techniques you'll be learning throughout the course:

- Long swings on rings towards a back up rise

- Support swings on parallel bars towards swing to handstands

- Double leg circles on the mushroom

Through this class you will build strength & condition your body in preparation for the skills. Learn to pay attention to body shapes and positions. Learn to relax and engage at the correct timing, finding the rhythm to execute each skill.

You will piece together a routine to perform a sequence of gymnastics movements from start to finish with the guidance of our coaches.

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