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“Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.”

Joyce started taking ballet classes at a young age. As a Gemini, she learned swimming, badminton, athletics, Jazz, street dances, pole dance, aerial yoga, etc whenever life brought opportunities to her, but none kept her long. In 2015, she touched the silks for the first time, and got tangled ever since. At first, it was mostly the sense of challenge that appealed to her; as she spent more time on it, she became captivated by the peace and calmness she only finds in practising this mesmerising art form.

When in the air, she likes to create illusions of different gravity fields, dance with the tension of the fabrics, and paint the trails of movements with her flying tails. Other times, she transfers her addiction to wraps and flying fabrics onto rope dart and silk fans, trying her best to keep up with her cool teammates in Flow Space Arts Studio which she co-founded in 2020. Apart from these sensual, fancy silky stuff, she also practices on heavy steel objects like cyr wheel and flying pole.

At the moment, Joyce teaches adult and kid aerial classes in studios across Hong Kong. She has been writing and revamping her own syllabus, so as to teach aerial silks in a hobbyist-friendly way, while setting a solid foundation for those who wish to climb higher. She hopes to share the serenity in practising with those who seek, and she believes that everyone can find their own beauty on the silks.

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