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"Awaken the super powers in you!"

Born as a child that constantly fantasizes about having special powers, Rodney was always finding alternate options to walking while going places as a kid. From climbing to jumping to balancing on objects and rails, Rodney was determined to be physically superhuman from a young age.

Soccer, tennis, skateboarding, gymnastics, taekwondo, rock climbing, Shaolin kung fu, Rodney tried out all forms of sporting activities he managed to access. But the 2 main disciplines that shaped him most physically were competitive gymnastics and martial arts.

Gymnastics challenged Rodney's abilities immensely, but at the same time, it opened his eyes to the physical potential that the human body is capable of achieveing. Having competed gymnastics all around Australia, the sport had become an integral part of his training and well being, and eventually helped open doors for his stunt career in Hong Kong.

As a stunt performer, Rodney found himself flying through windows, falling off buildings, getting hit by cars and dodging explosions, while leaving the scene unscathed. It was as if he acquired superhuman powers.

Now an accomplished stunt professional, Rodney trains many local artists in preparation for their upcoming action roles. He has conducted stage combat workshops for Disneyland, led primary schools to win inter-school gymnastics competitions and taught early childhood fitness and motor skills development programs to children from as young as 6 months old.

Always hungry for physical creativity, Rodney is also a practitioner of Martial Arts Tricking, and the Brazilian art of Capoeira. He was amongst the first in Hong Kong to popularize these sports and was the first few to obtain an instructor cord for Capoeira in Hong Kong.

Always still learning and pushing his physical boundaries, Rodney is keen to share his knowledge, and have others join him in realising their body's full physical potential.

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