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"I believe that technique and mastering the basics are the fundamentals to progress in gymnastics."

Maddie is a former elite gymnast from the UK. As a Level 1 Artistic Gymnastics qualified coach, Maddie brings a wealth of experience to her coaching. Having competed nationally for 10 years, she has a deep understanding of the dedication and hard work required to achieve success in gymnastics.

After retiring from competition, Maddie has been coaching for over 7 years and has developed a coaching style that is heavily influenced by her training background. Maddie places a strong emphasis on technique and mastering the basics, believing that these fundamental skills are essential for progress in gymnastics.

In addition to her passion for gymnastics, Maddie holds a Masters of Biology and Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from the University of Leeds (UK). Whilst attending university, Maddie ran the Gymnastics Society for students of all abilities. She believes that together, these experiences shaped her as a coach.

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