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"Focus on the start, not the finish"

Keith is a self-proclaimed nerd, a calisthenics specialist, who is in constant pursuit of the next big move! He believes that there is always a place for the strength and conditioning associated with bodyweight training regardless of age, gender, weight or experience. As one of Trybe’s first members in 2016, he has grown with the team and is ready to share his journey.

Keith’s passion stems from the joy of discovering control over the body in its unconventional forms, through gravity-defying planches, levers, handstands and all the in-betweens. With a largely self-taught background, his mission is to help other enthusiasts improve with the arsenal of knowledge, tips and tricks he’s leaned along the way.

Keith’s mindset focuses on consistency and refinement:

Consistency, with the understanding that the body’s adaptation to strain is just as much about the joints as it is the muscles, and how to improve them in a progressive manner.

Refinement, through cues and corrections, and the ability to feel the movement, rather than fight it – regardless of where your body is facing!

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