“Every expert was once a beginner”

JD has been cheerleading for a decade and believes this is only the beginning of the sport in Hong Kong. A fun fact: he found interest in the sport from the famous Bring It On movies but he says it’s nothing like it. He has competed locally and internationally for Hong Kong during his career. Considering the lack of cheerleading exposure in the city, he took it upon himself to become a coach and started his own company when he graduated high school in 2015.

Today, he is balancing the athlete-coach life which he believes is one of the toughest challenges he has faced. “Being an athlete and coach is pretty tough but it gives you a better understanding of both perspectives, it’s all about balance.” he says.

He recently decided to branch out into similar disciplines like gymnastics and that again gave him a new perspective to his coaching approach. “For the longest time, I only believed in being super strict but I realised not everyone has the same goals.”

His coaching philosophy is based around the relationship he has with every athlete and their motivation towards why they want to learn. It could be because they want to train and compete, improve, or simply because the sport brings them joy. Although he trained traditionally for many years, he knows that everyone is different.

He says that the most rewarding outcome of being a coach is being able to contribute to the success of his students no matter how big or small the achievement is.

He is currently working towards finishing his double degree in Exercise and Sports Science/Business in Sport Management.