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"Anyone at any age can be strong"

Eric began his learning of movement practices similar to many parkour practitioners; with martial arts. While competitive sports never held much allure for Eric, the emphasis on developing oneself holistically in traditional martial arts captivated him immediately.

Upon discovering some of the first movies to depict parkour, Eric saw a training methodology that breaks the mould of competitive sports. But it wasn’t until seeing average people (not trained professionals) uploading parkour videos on youtube that Eric realized it was something that anyone could practice, even himself. Not only that, but he discovered parkour is an activity that has both an incredibly low barrier to entry (contrary to common belief), and an infinitely high skill ceiling, making it perfect for everyone; from the elderly to elite athletes.

Since starting parkour in 2006, Eric has trained with and learned from other practitioners in Ecuador, USA, France, Korea, Russia, Canada, Italy, Spain, and Hong Kong. This has allowed Eric to experience a wide range of styles and movement philosophies, which has in turn broadened his perception of movement as a whole.

As a coach, Eric has organized and taught workshops, founded the parkour club at Lewis & Clark College, worked as an instructor at Revolution Parkour Beaverton, as head instructor at The Playground Gym in Portland, Oregon, USA, and has been teaching parkour in Hong Kong since 2017.

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