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trybeAdults -Online

We've gone through pandemic situations like this before, and we absolutely can do this again. Over here at TRYBE, we are determined not to let all your hard work & hard earned skills drain away.

We've got FREE 45 minute zoom classes for you from Mon - Thursday. These classes are beginner & intermediate friendly. More info in the FAQ below!

For those of you with more specific goals (looking at our dedicated adult gymnasts!) we also have 4-week zoom courses for Walkovers and Handstands. 

Online Privates and limited Outdoor Privates also available. Just email us at to ask!

Trybe adults online faq

I want to join! what do i do?

  • For the free Zoom Classes, just click the sign up button above!

  • Use your existing Trybe class credits for the Zoom Course of your choice. 1 week = 1 in person class. ($1000 for 4 weeks)

  • When you sign up, you will be added into the relevant dedicated Whatsapp group.​

  • Continue to feel strong & build body awareness so you can keep making gains when you come back!

** In the event that we reopen before your online course finishes, you can use the remaining course classes to attend the relevant class at the gym! (Example: 1 press handstand course week remaining = 1 in-person Handstand 2 class). If you are an overseas client, we will make arrangements with our coaches to finish the course online with you!

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