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TrybeKids -TEAM

We miss our kids! Given the current situation, we understand that our students may be feeling demotivated and need more support staying active.


Sign your child up for TEAM, our online 4 week kids courses! We want our students to GET BACK into a healthy movement and training habit.

**Students must attend a minimum of 3 online sessions in order to be eligible to compete for the prizes** 

TrybeKids TEAM - What is it?

I want in! How do we join?

  • Use your existing Trybe class credits for the online course. 1 week = 1 in person class. ($1200 for 4 weeks)

  • We will add you to a private Whatsapp group for online communication, weekly homework program, weekly coach videos, training tips, new drills and any equipment needs.

  • Follow our Trybe guide on how to set up for a successful home class. 

  • Send us their practice/ homework videos every week.

  • WIN a prize at the end of the 4 weeks!

We have never tried a TrybeKids online class before. Can my child have a trial class without committing to a TEAM?

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