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All Levels and Level 1.

Our Level 1 classes cater for students who have less than 1.5 years of experience in athletic and acrobatic-style classes (gymnastics, parkour, and acrobatics). These are suitable for students 6y/o and above

For students below 6 years old, we recommend our Ninja Program.


Give your kids their first taste of rolling, jumping, swinging, inverting, flipping, and moving with freedom with our passionate and experienced coaches! The Ninja Program gives your child the fundamental skills needed for our other specialized movement classes. More here.


Mixed Levels.  

We offer Mixed Levels classes for Gymnastics, Parkour and Aerials.


These classes are suitable for those who have at least 1.5 years of experience with training and taking classes consistently.


We recommend Mixed Levels for students who are looking to gain more skills and confidence, and who are thinking of competing or performing! Please look at the prerequisites for each track. 


Level 2. 

We offer Level 2 classes for Gymnastics and Parkour. Students are expected to have a certain level of maturity and independence, along with motivation to develop their skills further. 

These classes are for students who have at least 2+ years of experience in training and taking classes consistently. Please look at the prerequisites for each track.


Level 3.  

We offer Level 3 for Gymnastics only.  Let's help your talented gymnast succeed!


Small group privates or classes, and by instructor permission only.  Email here to apply.


More advanced classes for Teens are offered for Parkour, Tricking and Acrobatics

These classes are suitable for teens who have several years of training in related disciplines. 


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4. How can I get a refund for a class that my child could not attend?

5. What if my child is late to class?