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TRYBE ninja Parkour Camp

Unleash your child’s inner ninja, taking their movement skills to the next level! For students who have a strong foundation of athleticism, this camp will challenge participants even more in terms of balance, agility, strength, and coordination. This camp focuses on self growth through play, challenge, and teamwork.

Recommended camp for our Trybe Kids currently taking:

Gymnastics L1           Parkour L1           Gymnastics Mixed Level

Parkour Mixed Level


*Must be 7 years old as of December 2021 to participate.

Ages:   7 - 9.5 years old

Dates:  Tuesday December 28 

             Wednesday December 29

             Thursday December 30

Time:   10:30AM - 12Noon

Cost:    $1500 for Full Camp

             $550 for Drop In

Limited to 12 participants

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