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TRYBE Agility Camp

Trybe is partnering with NYC-based The Movement Creative to deliver a fun, action packed Agility camp! Expect lots of creative, physical, and high energy movement games!


We help kids learn how to leap, roll and tumble, all while improving their strength, balance, and coordination. This camp is uniquely designed to help children improve their problem solving skills and build their confidence in their physical abilities.

Recommended camp for our Trybe Kids currently taking:

Ninja        Gymnastics L1        Parkour L1


*must be 4.5 years old as of December 2021

Ages:   4.5 - 6.5 years old

Dates:  Tuesday December 28 

             Wednesday December 29

             Thursday December 30

Time:   9AM - 10AM

Cost:    $1050 for Full Camp

             $400 for Drop In

Limited to 12 participants 

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