Want to learn how to train beyond the basics using just your bodyweight? This class will progress you to greater skills and build you great strength and body awareness.

Created for beginners and open to all levels. This class breaks down our bodyweight training methodologies with high detail. It is a perfect combination of strength, mobility and skill. Students will progress to more difficult skills over time utilizing different tools such as parallettes and gymnastics rings.

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On schedule
Afternoons: Saturdays 10:30AM


​Duration: 1.5 hours

For best results, we recommend taking Hero Flex, Strong and Core in conjunction with this class.

​Email us if you have any questions about this class!


Recommended for: Beginners

Great for people who are new to bodyweight training and want to build confidence for our:
Adult Gymnastics / Handstands / Acrobatics / Dynamic Calisthenics classes