More like a bro gym session than a yoga class, this class takes a strength training approach towards stretching in order to make it more accessible to a different crowd of students. It combines loaded progressive stretching and dynamic movements in order to increase your mobility and long holds will not be a mainstay of this program. This is a challenging class that requires students to know, and work within, their own limits. 

(Despite the name, this class is not limited to men, but a great chance to drag your tight partner to class!)


Splits on trucks, kiss your toes, perfect for all the gym bros

Class in action



1.  What is Man Stretch?

2.  Am I able to join Man Stretch?

3.  Why do I need to join Man Stretch?

4.  How often should I join Man Stretch?

5.  What happens during a class?

6.  What are the students like in class?

7.  What experience do the coaches have?

8.  If I have an injury, am I still able to join Man Stretch?

9.  What should I bring to class?