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Ninja 2 is a challenging, strength based gymnastics fundamentals class.

At 6 - 7 years old, children tend to become more aware of their connection with their peers and teachers, and start to enjoy more challenging activities. This class focuses chiefly on coordination and overall upper body strength, especially in terms of developing cartwheel mechanics and handstand training. The Ninja 2 program also incorporates foundational vaulting, swinging, jumping, rolling, and climbing skills.

We recommend this class for students who want to progress into either our gymnastics and parkour program as we require them to have strong basic strength before enrolling in either program. Specific skill development is up to the instructor's discretion and the athletic ability of the student.

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Ninja 2

Recommended for: 6.5 - 8.5 yo

Coach: Student Ratio: 1:7

**Students who want to enter Gymnastics 1 or Junior Parkour are required to attend a minimum of FOUR Ninja 2 classes or obtain instructor permission.**

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