Gymnastics 3 and 4 are invitation only classes. Our coaches prepare students who have aspirations to compete, mentally and physically. Students are expected to have a higher level of independence and ability to work on intermediate tumbling, beam, and bar progressions. Level 3 and 4 gymnasts typically practice 2-3 times a week.

*Gymnasts who have aspirations to compete should inform their instructor as soon as possible so we will know what skills to perfect in preparation for advancement.

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Gymnastics 3/4

Coach:Student Ratio: 1: 8

Recommended for: Students who have 2+ years in gymnastics and can demonstrate walkovers, round offs, and a 3 sec hold in a freestanding handstand, and pull-overs at the uneven bars.

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On schedule:

Mon 5.00pm (Gymnastics 2/3) (90min)

Wed 5.00pm (90min) - invite only

Fri 5.00pm (90min) - invite only