Gymnastics 1.5 is a class for aspiring gymnasts to start learning routines and build off their existing skills.

In Gymnastics 1.5, students will develop short sequences to prepare them for higher-level skills. Because gymnastics is a progressive sport, gymnasts of differing levels can be taught side by side as they work on different skills. We use the bars to develop strength, beam to test balance, floor for coordination, and the trampoline for aerial awareness. Students are expected to demonstrate discipline and focus, as well as be able to work independently.

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Gymnastics 1.5

Coach:Student Ratio: 1: 7

Recommended for: Students who have 2+ years in gymnastics and can demonstrate independent cartwheels, handstands, dive forward rolls, backward rolls, bridges, and pull-overs.

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On schedule:

Tues 5.30pm

Wednesday 4.30pm

Fri 4.45pm