Kids Classes

Trybe delivers a variety of fun and physically challenging movement classes for kids! 

Our coaches instill discipline and confidence, teaching students to not give up whenever faced with a new obstacle or new skill. Kids learn and grow best when they are interested and engaged so we make sure every experience is fun and full of laughter.

Level: 3 - 4 yo

Agility Ninja

An energetic class that gives kids a space to move, play, learn, and have fun!

Level: 6.5 - 8 yo

Ninja 2

A challenging, strength based gymnastics fundamentals class.

Level: 7+ yo

Gymnastics 1.5

A class for aspiring gymnasts to start learning routines and build off existing skills.

Level: Skill Prerequisite & Invite Only

Gymnastics 3/4

Our coaches prepare students who have aspirations to compete, mentally and physically. Students are expected to have a higher level of independence and abilities.

Level: 10+ yo

Acro Parkour

An athletic class designed to help students work on transitions, connections, and acrobatic movements within parkour.

Level: 4.5 - 6 yo

Ninja 1

For students who are ready for more independence and have fun learning physical skills!

Level: 7+ yo

Gymnastics 1

An introduction to the sport of Artistic Gymnastics. Prerequisites apply.

Level: Skill Prerequisite

Gymnastics 2

A class for aspiring gymnasts to build intermediate skills and learn more challenging routines.

Level: 8 - 11 yo

Junior Parkour

Junior Parkour is where students start exploring the mental aspect of parkour, as they approach ever increasing challenges at ground and at height.

Level: 10+ yo

Action Ninja

An athletic class where students will build tools to stay calm and perform under pressure.