HERO Strong

Recommended for: Beginners

Great for people who need confidence to join our:
Hero Flight / Tumbling 1.5 / Adult Gymnastics / Strength & Conditioning / Circus / Acrobatics classes

Flipping and weightlifting have a few things in common. Bracing your core while under heavy tension & building strength for explosive movements.

Created for beginners and open to all levels. This class will teach you how to lift heavy with good form to keep you safe. You learn how to generate explosive power for lifts, swings and jumps. These classes are great for building a strong body to prevent injuries and help you flip higher, swing faster and lift your partner over head in our Flight & Circus classes!

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On schedule 

Mornings: Tuesdays 9AM / Saturdays 10AM 






Duration: 1 hour 

We recommend pairing this class with HERO Flight for best tumbling results! Email us if you have any questions about this class