Recommended for: Beginners

Great for people who are need to increase their flexibility / learn active flexibility to get the most from our:
Flight Pillar / Circus Pillar / Strength Pillar classes

Struggling to stand up from a roll or to power through your cartwheel? You may need to stretch and learn how to actively use your flexibility!

Created for beginners and open to all levels. This class is for those who need to learn how to stretch in a safe and sustainable way. You will learn how to build strength in your end range so you can stay injury free while you kick into handstands and cartwheels. Increase your spine mobility to roll & bend with ease.

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On schedule 

Evenings: Mondays 7PM 




Duration: 1 hour 

For best results, we recommend taking HERO Core, Strong & Flex in conjunction with this class. Email us if you have any questions about this class!