HERO Extravaganza

Recommended for: Beginners

Great for anyone who has ever wanted to try to cartwheel / forward roll / ninja jump & leap over obstacles

A great introduction to our HERO classes & Trybe vibe!

The HERO Extravaganza is an all out HERO experience at Trybe designed to take you from 0 to HERO! For 2 hours, you get to taste all our HERO classes in one go.

You’ll get a 30 minute experience in each HERO class, before experiencing all of them in one big obstacle course. Join our HERO extravaganza and start your journey to becoming your own hero!

Feel free to contact us at move@trybehk.com should you have any specific questions regarding the HERO Extravaganza experience.

Copy of Acro+Hero Core.jpg

Special event: 

June 3, 11AM - 1PM 


Trybe Team 


2 hours 


Entire experience: $450 

Bring a friend: $700 for both! 

No refunds available. 

Please refer to the Trybe FAQ  for all other general information and class policies. Email us if you have any questions about this class!