Recommended for: Beginners

Great for people who need confidence to join our:
Hero Flight / Tumbling / Adult Gymnastics / Circus / Handstands / Acrobatics classes

Do your rolls fall apart in Flight class? Do you feel like something isn't engaging enough in certain skills? HERO Core is your friend!

Created for beginners and open to all levels. This class is for those who want more technique and body awareness in their flips. We use body weight exercises targeted at building full body tension, coordination, strength & timing. You then get to apply what you've learned on multiple apparatus like our floor, beam & uneven bars. This class addresses the conditioning that we all need but can’t get enough of in class.

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On schedule 

Mornings: Mondays / Wednesdays / Fridays 9AM (Hybrid Class)

Evenings: Mondays / Thursdays 7PM 





Duration: 1 hour 

Great as a complement to any of our Flight / Strength Pillar classes! Email us if you have any questions about this class