We deliver the fundamentals of gymnastics to children in a fun, safe, and progressive environment! Students will develop their gymnastics skills like cartwheels, handstands, balance, jumps, and dexterity through a range of creative body-weight exercises.

For more advanced students, we use different apparatus (uneven bars, balance beams, rings, etc), specific progressions and sequences to challenge them and help each student develop at their own pace.

Our syllabus focuses on developing gymnastic skill sets and dexterity. The goal is to help our students become highly independent and self aware/disciplined, build self confidence, and gain new skills in a supportive yet challenging environment.

gymnastics Level 2

Learn how to cartwheel

Class Levels

Gymnastics Level 1 

  • Suitable for beginners, < 1 year of gymnastics


Gymnastics Mixed Level

  • Suitable for those who have 1+ years of gymnastics experience and are looking to gain more skills and confidence


Gymnastics Level 2

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in gymnastics

  • Must be able to perform cartwheel on both sides, round off, freestanding handstand, and have experience on gymnastics apparatus.


Gymnastics Level 3

  • By instructor permission only.

Class in action



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