Intro Acrobatics is for everyone with a spine, two arms, and two legs who wish to transition from practicing stand-alone skills, like handstand or splits, to combining several skills into more complex flows.

Attending once a week will get you acquainted with new movement patterns and teach you the basic principles of flow. Attending the class twice a week will allow you to string together complex movements and to train your complex skills like handstand press, splits, and acrobatics in a playful way that does not rely on reps and sets.  Learn to transition from one shape to another by solving movement puzzles.


We will cross the floor with a myriad of patterns, increasing the difficulty and complexity over time. We will also delve into smaller segments of funky movement challenges that will be integrated into our flows. 

You come to the class with an open mind and a willingness to learn. 

Take the work seriously, listen to the instructions but don’t take yourself or the coach too seriously.

Intro acrobatics

Ever wanted to move like butter?


Class in action



1.  What is Intro Acrobatics?

2.  Am I able to join Intro Acrobatics?

3.  Why do I need to join Intro Acrobatics?

4.  How often should I join Intro Acrobatics?

5.  What happens during a class?

6.  What are the students like in class?

7.  What experience do the coaches have?

8. If I have no acrobatics experience, can I join Intro Acrobatics?

9. If I have an injury, can I join Intro Acrobatics?

10. If I am an experienced capoeirista, should I join Intro Acrobatics?