Tumbling 1.5

For those who have been taking our HERO Flight / HERO Core / Adult Gymnastics / Acrobatics classes or have a solid forward roll and cartwheel and working on dive rolls and hurdle cartwheels. If you are unsure, please email us!

Finding the dive rolls, hurdles, punch jumps & cartwheels too easy? Itching to power into front tucks, learn handsprings & connect skills? This class is for you!

For intermediate students who are familiar with the foundations of tumbling. This class will teach you how to do the power tumbling skills with the intention that you will eventually connect them into multiple skills. Students will be given drills that you are expected to be able to work on independently, before trying the skills under the supervision of the coach.

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On schedule
Thursdays 8PM


​Duration: 1 hour

For best results, we recommend pairing this class with HERO Core, Man Stretch, Superhero Strong & Circular Strength.

​Email us move@trybehk.com if you have any questions about this class!