Tumbling 1

For those who have been taking our HERO Flight / HERO Core / Adult Gymnastics classes or have a solid cartwheel & dive forward roll. If you are unsure, please email us!

Best paired with our:
HERO Flight / HERO Core / Adult Gymnastics / Calisthenics

Tumbling 1 covers the foundations of gymnastics power tumbling for adults. Classes are open to beginners, however, if you have never tried gymnastics type movements before, we recommend joining our HERO Flight classes first.

Tumbling 1 will take you through drills and progressions leading to tucks, cartwheels, round offs & handsprings. Learn to control your skills and build confidence to start flipping independently! If a future goal is to connect skills, then you need to take this class first.

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On schedule
Thursdays 7PM


​Duration: 1 hour

For best results, we recommend pairing this class with HERO Core, HERO Strong & HERO Flex / Man Stretch.

​Email us if you have any questions about this class!