Beginner Acrobatics

Recommended for: Beginners

Great for building flow & grace in your floor routine, and learning accessible entries into dream skills like walkovers and handsprings!

Best paired with our:
HERO Flight / HERO Core / Adult Gymnastics / Tumbling 1.5 / Circus Acro / Acro Adagio / Handstands classes

Have you watched contemporary dancers and wondered how they were able to do their beautiful tricks? These tricks look similar to gymnastics skills, but flowier and dancier. You’ll see them in the rhythmic gymnastics and artistic gymnastics floor routines. These are called soft acrobatics, and this class makes these tricks more accessible for you. An added benefit to learning acrobatics is that you can find alternative ways to ease yourself into the harder gymnastics skills like walkovers, and scarier gymnastics skills like back handsprings.

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On schedule
Wednesdays 7PM


​Duration: 1 hour

This is a great supplement to our Adult Gymnastics Course, as well as any of our classes in our Flight & Cirque Pillars.

​Email us if you have any questions about this class!