Take calisthenics training to the next level on the rings, bars and pommel. Incorporate swing based techniques on the bars and rings to compliment static strength holds. Chain together techniques to form a routine, and learn to dismount off the apparatus in style.


Broaden your calisthenics training by entering the world of pommel. Learn to circle and flare on the mushroom and floor. Reap the benefits of the full body workout that this apparatus offers.


Thu night is a L 1.5, some fitness experience recommended.

Sat class is a 90 min L2 class previous calisthenics classes required.

Socks recommended for pommel drills for both classes.

Dynamic cali

Take cali to the next level by learning greater movements

Class in action


1.   What is Dynamic Calisthenics?

2.  Am I able to join Dynamic Calisthenics?

3.  Why do I need to join Dynamic Calisthenics?

4.  How often should I join Dynamic Calisthenics?

5.  What happens during a class?

6.  What are the students like in class?

7.  What experience do the coaches have?

8.  If I can't do a pullup, can I join Dynamic Calisthenics?

9.  If I have an injury, can I join Dynamic Calisthenics?

10. If I am a former gymnast, can I join Dynamic Calisthenics?

11.  If I do Crossfit, which level should I be in?

12. What should I bring to class?