"Body expression is everything"

Born to a mother who was a gymnastics coach in Argentina 26 years ago, Flor has been learning gymnastics since she was 3 years old. She has competed nationally, all over Argentina and in Chile.


When she was 17, her father suggested working in a traditional circus. That was it. She discovered her true passion and never looked back.

Having trained in 2 circus schools, one in Rosario (Argentina) and the other in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) she improved her acrobatics skills. An example of her many skills she learned includes:

  • hand to hand

  • troupe

  • trapeze

  • lyra (hoop)

  • rope

  • cradle

  • theater

  • dance

  • improvisation


In 2018 she received an opportunity to work in the House of Dancing Water in Macao as a Flyer. In the show, Flor's speciality was aerial, acrobatics & some diving.

She is currently teaching in Hong Kong and learning to express herself by sharing the art of moving. She is also constantly learning how to keep moving by learning and trying new disciplines.


Body expression is everything for her. 


She is a true believer that movement allows us to connect with ourselves and others, and it is fascinating to understand how our body works and moves.

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