Acro Adagio takes elements from both traditional circus acts as well as acrobatic dance. It builds a tremendous amount of coordination, strength, balance and communication skills.

As with our other Circus Acrobatics class, partners in Acro Adagio will lift and balance each other in seemingly impossible poses and also use each other to perform acrobatic tricks. Pairs usually consist of a base and flyer, although the roles are not set in stone and can be swapped for certain elements.

This beginner level class is built around a mini choreography that the students will cover over the course of 4 classes. At the end, they will be able to keep a video copy of their routine for their own memories.

Bringing a friend is recommended, but feel free to show up and make friends with other students in class. Be prepared for a LOT of bloopers. 

Acro Adagio

Swing your partner round and round

Class in action



1.  What is Circus Acrobatics?

2.  Am I able to join Circus Acrobatics?

3.  Do I need a partner to join Circus Acrobatics?

4.  Why do I need to join Circus Acrobatics?

5.  How often should I join Circus Acrobatics?

6.  What happens during a class?

7.  What are students like in a class?

8.  What experience do the coaches have?

9.  If I have no acrobatic experience, can i join Circus Acrobatics?

10.  If I have an injury, can i join Circus Acrobatics?

11.  If I have been practicing acroyoga, which level should I be in?

12. What should I wear to class?