Our Hero classes are suitable to all levels. From those with zero fitness experience, to veterans who feel they are missing something in their strength, agility and/or flexibility levels, these classes have something for everyone. These classes will teach you techniques to move better, and build habits that will have you safely doing splits and backbends on the floor, upside down, in the air, or on people in our Level 1 and 2 classes in no time!


These level 1 classes are open to people who have some fitness related background. These classes are also open to those with less fitness experience, however, these classes do require a certain amount of awareness in movement, some independence and the ability to work with other students mindfully. Those with less fitness experience are recommended to bounce between our Hero classes to continue building their foundation, and our Level 1 classes to start building more dynamic skills!


The Level 2 classes are by invitation only, and require you to have taken at least one of our level 1 classes before entering, or to have sent in videos of your skills for us to assess your level. These classes teach higher level skills that have higher risks of danger to them, and require a high level of body and spatial awareness. If you have been with us for a while and wish to move to intermediate classes, please ask your coach for a pathway to reaching this goal.