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Bodyweight Bonanza Description

What is the Bodyweight Bonanza?

The Bodyweight Bonanza is an all out body weight strength and coordination  experience at Trybe. On one night, for 2 hours, you get to taste our five Body-weight strength classes plus a Manstretch finisher in one go.


You’ll be experiencing approaches from each of our five body-weight strength classes in small groups of two to three student before we come together for a big group mobility enhancer at the end of the workshop. Join our Body-weight Bonanza and unlock new strength building methods that ignite your sense of adventure!

What are Bodyweight Strength and Coordination classes at Trybe?

At Trybe, we love bodyweight strength training.  Building and playing with body strength unlocks movements in the gym, urban playground or nature. We offer both dedicated body-weigh strength classes and mixed iron and body-weight strength classes:

  • Hero Core - coordinating total body strength through your core

  • Hero Strong - building strength with iron, bands and body-weight exercises

  • Calisthenics 1 - laying down a foundation and building fundamentals for advanced techniques

  • Calisthenics 2 - advanced gravity defying moves and transitioning between them

  • Dynamic Calisthenics - using traditional men's gymnastics to develop strength in motion

Our body-weight classes are designed to get you strong, coordinated and mobile so that you can swing, climb, hold, balance or get some airtime. We put your body in different apparatuses and surfaces so that you can be strong in more than one dimension, apparatuses and surfaces:

  • Hard Floor

  • Sprung Floor

  • Rings

  • Rings assists, such as the Dream Machine

  • Bars (wood and metal)

  • Beam

  • Pole

  • Mushroom

  • Ropes

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran who wants to try something outside their usual workouts, these classes have something new for everyone! We give your body a blue print that you can build confidence & familiarity in movements such as such as levers, kips, planches, muscle ups and more!

For any given movement, the blue print comes on day one, and achievement comes with practice. Our team has years of experience teaching adults how to move like teenagers by giving the appropriate regressions and progressions. No matter which class, you will always get to play with the movement and explore your new found abilities safely with our coaches to guide you!

Learn more about our body weight classes here!


Schedule + Prerequisites


Duration:  2 Hours

Bodyweight Bonanza Date:

  • Monday Dec 27 11AM-1PM

Prerequisites: A sense of adventure and determination! A general fitness background is encouraged but this workshop is designed to take expose you to different ways of strength training. Everyone will be a beginner at least one of the stations.  Please contact us before hand if you have any injuries.Feel free to contact us at should you have any specific questions regarding the Body-weight Bonanza experience.

Pricing + Terms

Entire experience: $450

Bring a friend: $700 for both! (Please email or wtsapp us for directions on pair payment)

Refund Policy

No Refunds available

Students can request to defer their enrollment to a future session provided that there is space available and another session of the event scheduled.

Alternatively, students can retain the credits to be used at other Trybe classes or workshops.

Please note again that no refunds are available and we require a 1 week notice before the workshop date in order to process any of the above options.

Please refer to Trybe FAQ for all other general information and class policies.


Book Via MindBody

Sign up for your HERO extravaganza through the link below! New students will need to create an account on our MindBody system (Each student will require their own account) Payment can be done directly via MindBody. 

Existing Trybe members can login to their account and select their workshop date below. 
Email us to get notifications on the next workshop we plan!

Book Via Bank Transfer

We accept bank transfer direct at

Hang Seng Bank
Trybe Limited

After paying please retain a copy of your receipt and send it to us at

Please include the workshop date you would like to attend and your full name. 

Schedule + Prerequisites
Pricing + Terms
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