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Being an action hero or a superhero doesn’t need to stay in your dreams. Come to our Action Stunt class and realize your superhero abilities to leap and flip both with and without the aid of wires and bungee rope! Level up your agility, speed, strength and flexibility. Safely build up your body control, aerial awareness and impact protection so you can flip, roll and fly with the best of them. 


We take you through a programmed warm-up before introducing you to progressive drill and skills. This is a mixed level class. Beginners are very welcome.


Ever dream of being an action star?

Class in action



1.  What is Action Stunt?

2.  Am I able to join Action Stunt?

3.  Why do I need to join Action Stunt?

4.  How often should I join Action Stunt?

5.  What happens during a class?

6. What are the students like in class?

7.  What experience do the coaches have?

8.  If I have no acrobatics experience, can I join Action Stunt?

9. If I have an injury, can I still join Action Stunt?

10. If I used to be a former gymnast / martial artist, can I join Action Stunts?