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Movement Play Workshop with Benjamin Joon & Maria Foncesa

TrybeHK is excited to host Benjamin Joon and Maria Foncesa, two contemporary movement teachers from Berlin!

How can we transform fighting into a playful practice for personal growth? How can we integrate loving kindness, compassion, joy and inner peace into our physical communication?

MOVEMENT PLAY develops your capability and creativity with movement games, playfighting and contemporary meditation practice. The integral concept combines physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects.

Who is this workshop for? If you enjoy and practise acroyoga, contact improvisation, dance, yoga, meditation, and martial arts, you will definitely benefit from this! Movement teachers and practisioners will benefit as the focus is both on physical movement and contemporary meditation practices.


nothing creates deeper experiences and develops your potential better than smart and joyful games.


Experience the transformation of fighting into dancing and embody the qualities of a peaceful warrior: benevolence, equanimity, joy and compassion.


A contemporary meditation practice in movement and silence supports your abilities of deep listening and observation.



  • Meditation Practice
  • Basic Mobility Practice "Animal Locomotion"
  • Simple patterns & basic principles from soft martial arts
  • Basic principles of contact improvisation
  • Sparring Games
  • Play Fighting
  • Tools for Improvisation


Saturday Oct 7, 2017 : 2.30 - 5.30pm

Sunday Oct 8, 2017, 2.30 - 5.30pm




  • Saturday Oct 7: HKD 650
  • Sunday Oct 8: HKD 650
  • Both days: HKD 1100



Benjamin Joon lives in Berlin and teaches his integral movement and communication workshops in europe and asia.

He practiced the principles and techniques of Kickboxing, Qi Gong and Jiu Jitsu since his childhood. Other influences are coming from diverse meditation practices, buddhist philosophy and psychology, neuroscience, Fighting Monkey practice and Contact Improvisation. "We are never to old to play - we lose our juvenility and the chance to develop our unlimited capability when we stop playing smart games.“ - Benjamin Joon

Maria Foncesa is a Portuguese dancer and creator. She graduated from London Studio Centre, BA (Hons) in Theatre Dance where she developed a dissertation about Spirituality & Dance, a subject that interests her deeply. "I like to feel like an open canvas, able to embody and express freely with other artists that seek going beyond their limits." - Maria Fonseca

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7:00 PM19:00

Movement & Acrobatic Floorwork; By TrybeHK

Floorwork is a fantastic way to build mobility, power, and control of your own body. We will provide a variety of progressions and skills that give you the ability to explore jumping and landing, falling and rolling, slides and flips, all in a fun supportive environment.

We move through an easy group warm up and gradually increase the complexity to overcome common fears. Participants will learn fundamental exercises and sequences to practice and develop on their own.

Beginner skill work will include concepts behind jumping and landing, falling and transferring momentum.  In addition, we will cover rolling, barrel jumps, macaco, cartwheel variations, and more!

Suitable for all levels. Recommended attire : long pants.


Tuesday Wednesday December 7th : 7pm - 9pm

Location: Optimum Performance Studio, Central


Max participants: 20

Price: HKD 400


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