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Are you lacking progress with bodyweight strength by simply “doing the exercise”?

Are you interested in knowing the what, how & why when it comes to bodyweight strength? 

Are you unable to train due to injury, aches and pains or just can’t seem to get strong no matter what you try?

Are you looking to move freely without restriction in the way you want and master your bodyweight? 

The Bodyweight STRONG Workshop by Fitness FAQS is for you! Daniel is travelling to Hong Kong in 2018 to teach this exclusive, one-day workshop. Places are limited and this is not an opportunity to miss. 

About Daniel:
      10 years Bodyweight Training Experience
      Master of Physiotherapy
      Bachelor of Exercise science
      Director FitnessFAQs
      47m views & 425k YouTube Subscribers

Bodyweight Strong Workshop:

Strength Skills: Learn the fundamental strength exercises for working towards the one arm chinup, handstand pushup and front lever. Daniel will guide you through multiple progressions for each exercise from beginner to advanced. 

Bulletproof Core: Training time and energy is a limited resource, it’s important to choose the right exercises for the job. Learn the best core exercises for increasing bodyweight strength.

 Injury Prevention: Remaining healthy is the key to long term progress in bodyweight fitness. Minimise your risk of injury with science based physiotherapy methods and unlock your full strength potential.

 Upper Body Flexibility & ROM: Tired of constantly stretching and always feeling tight? FitnessFAQs will teach you powerful techniques to permanently increase your upper body flexibility.

Workout design: Following a training plan is crucial for making consistent progress. The structure must change wether your goal is strength, muscle mass, flexibility or skill focused. Daniel will be discussing how to create a well-balanced bodyweight workout program.

Q&A: Time permitting; Daniel will be available to answer any questions you may have.

  Why you should come?

∙      Complex topics explained in an easy to understand manner

∙      Learn exercise progressions and cues to help your clients

∙      Learn from one of the world’s leading bodyweight experts

∙      Workshop catered for all ability levels and taught in English

Later Event: May 20