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Trybe Moves

Our signature class!

Think of this class as the "Trybe's Greatest Hits" or a buffet of all the amazing things you can try at Trybe.

A class for every level and athletic ability, we emphasize the foundations of movement within a fun, progressive, and supportive environment.

Not sure if tumbling is right for you? Learn the basics of a roll at Trybe Moves! Think partner acrobatics is a little scary? Try moving your partner at a Trybe Moves class. Consider stretching really boring? Participate in the mobility drills at Trybe Moves before you sign up for a Mobility class. Want to get better at gymnastics? Try our upper body climbs and challenges at Trybe Moves.

This class is programmed every week to increase in complexity and intensity. A thriving environment to help you find the fun in movement again.

TRY it out and BE surprised at what YOU can ACHIEVE (when you BELIEVE!)