Personal Training

Not enough time or motivation to train? That is what your Trybe is here for!

Our coaches will get you to where you want to be, with a combination of specific training focused on your body type and goals. Plenty of fun is guaranteed along with personalized workouts and meal plans. 

Trybe's 1 on 1 private training sessions are highly in demand. If this is for you, please email move@trybehk.com to schedule your first session. 


This is our version of friends with benefits. Our semi-private training approach offers you the same individualized workouts, but for half the cost, more scheduling flexibility, and much more fun!

Your training sessions will be with a small group of (up to) five other people. Research has proven that this approach to training often provides greater results, thanks to the camaraderie, support, and an insane amount of laughter. And since it is cheaper than traditional training, you can work out even MORE for less. 

Faster results, long lasting results? Check. 

Schedule your first trial at $350 per person!

Email move@trybehk.com and let us help you get there.