Drop In Credits

A great way to try one of our classes anytime you want!  Every class has a credit value assigned to it.

1 Credit = HK$50

45 minute classes and 60 minute Active Recovery classes HK$150 / 3 Credits

60 minute Signature, Cirque, Gymnastic, Strength classes HK$250 / 5 Credits

You can see the value of the class in schedule following the Class Name (Credit Value) - Example Ninja Flow (5 Credits)

Our Credit Packages make it easier for our regulars!

50 Credits (5% OFF) : $2,375.00

125 Credits (10% OFF) : $5,625.00

250 Credits (20% OFF) : $10,000.00



5 Day Newble Pack : $550 for 5 days of Unlimited Classes

Trying out Trybe for the first time? Choose the Newble Pack and try ALL our classes out!

Best value for money if you haven't already been here.