Acrobatics 1

Learn how to take your body awareness and control to the next level! Acrobatics is a free-form class that combines elements of gymnastics, various martial arts, and dance forms. We will learn how to jump, roll, flip, and spin in a safe fun environment. No experience required. If you ever wanted to move like an action hero here is your chance!

Recommended prerequisite: Ability to perform basic cartwheel, forward roll.



Who says you can’t get strong without weights? Calisthenics (or bodyweight fitness) is an excellent way to develop strength, aesthetics, and skills at the same time. We will work towards several major skills such as levers, planche, press to handstand, handstand pushups, flags, one arm chin-up and much more. While most of these may seem like inhuman feats, everyone can benefit from working on their progressions. 

A general fitness level is recommended for this class.